Thom Yorke’s ‘Open Again’ is a swirling swarm of experimental expertise

Thom Yorke’s ‘Open Again’ is a swirling swarm of experimental expertiseThom Yorke Open Again

Thom Yorke‘s released the fourth track from his upcoming score for Luca Gaudagnino’s Suspiria horror film remake.

“Open Again” is the shortest track shared thus far, though its dizzying crescendo and Yorke’s airy falsetto speak volumes of the Radiohead singer’s experimental breadth. Just as the listener expects Yorke to differentiate from the repetitive, “Open again/ We live again,”  the song swells and disintegrates into a crescendoing static in under three minutes. It’s a move not uncharacteristic of the experimental artist, but that doesn’t make the suspense’s push and pull any less impressive.

Yorke’s soundtrack for Guadagnino’s rendition of the 1977 Dario Argento film will be released on XL Recordings on October 26, the same day the movie hits theaters in New York and Los Angeles.

Suspiria‘s set for a wide release on November 2.

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