REZZ confirms new EP in the works

REZZ confirms new EP in the worksRezzlead

REZZ has announced via Twitter that she is working on her latest project, an EP. After what seems like constant and coveted content from the Canadian export, one would expect a break after she was nominated again for The Juno Awards’ Electronic Album of the Year. but nope, just a few days later she took to Twitter to shine the light on her hypnotic and gravitational pull.

Her wall-to-wall touring over the past two years coupled with the success of Certain Kind Of Magic pulled in and transfixed fans. In just the last few months Spacemom has delivered a decadent remix of Porter Robinsons “Divinity,” ended the year by teaming up with Blanke to unleash their single “Mixed Signals,” and she even got her own Snapchat filter. Her momentum is truly monumental. REZZ’s consistency in staying true to her Twitter promises makes the announcement even more exciting.

The mau5trap mainstay’s gritty headbanging sound will grip festival headlines this year. There’s little to no doubt the tracks off of the EP will be familiar before anyone knows it. Be on the lookout for more info in regards to this project.

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