KORG, Taito, SEGA collaborate on new Nintendo Switch synth

KORG, Taito, SEGA collaborate on new Nintendo Switch synthKorg Nintendo Swtch Synth

Gadget 3.0 is the product of a three-fold collaboration of epic proportions that involved musical instrumentation manufacturing giant, KORG, and Japanese tech authorities Taito and SEGA. The combined efforts of KORG, Taito, and SEGA have resulted in a brand new mobile DAW for Nintendo Switch, dubbed the Gadget 3.0.

In terms of looks, the revamped synth is somewhat of a blast from the past. The retro character of Gadget 3.0, however, isn’t limited to its appearance; the product features all of the drum and sound effects of SEGA’s 80’s arcade games, effecting some serious sonic nostalgia. Gadget 3.0’s inclusion of SEGA’s rhythm sound generator, “Otorii,” enables users to sample the throwback sounds.

Gadget 3.0 additionally comes paired with Taito’s arcade synthesizer, Ebina, which features FM samples of Taito’s own antiquated games. The updated version’s amalgamation of SEGA and Taito samples will permit Gadget 3.0 experimenters to make 16-bit sounds out of clips from games like Fantasy Zone, Ninja Warriors, Night Striker, Golden Axe, Rent A Hero, and more. The synth is now available for purchase via Nintendo’s eShop store.


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