First Listen: KYDUS – ‘Aftermath’

First Listen: KYDUS – ‘Aftermath’Kydus Aftermath BIG BEAT 2

KYDUS has made a triumphant return in, “Aftermath.” They say a person on average changes careers 5-7 times in their lifetime, and while that might not be the case for the Liverpool-based producer right now, he’s certainly taking notes from the notion. After building his career since 2012 with dark, groovy tech house and house productions, KYDUS has taken 2018 to evaluate and adjust the kinetics of his music. “Aftermath” is the product of these efforts, seeing him redirect the boundless energy in his older productions toward a new uplifting light. At its heart, KYDUS change in direction proves that authentic work is what works best for anyone, as “Aftermath” sees the tech-y roots of KYDUS’ past influence the beautiful progressive melodies of his present. The result is encouraging, infectious and a breath of fresh air.

“Aftermath” is out today via Big Beat Records.

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