Conquer the Red Planet in New Warface Update on Xbox One

looked to the stars for a new start, free from conflict and war. But there is no running from war. Blackwood Games and My.Games are proud to introduce the Mars update, a new chapter in the Warface saga on Xbox One which takes the action from Earth to the red planet itself: Mars. This latest update also introduces a new Mars-inspired PvP map, and the new Battle Pass: Season 3!


Warface’s long-time nemeses, the nefarious Blackwood organisation, have been building their strength and their military might on Earth in the form of a vast SED army. It’s clear that their ambitions are more cosmic in scale and nature as their sights are now set on Mars. With Earth’s security at stake, not to mention billions of lives, only the Warface squad can put a stop to Blackwood’s plans and seize control of the fourth planet from the Sun.


The Mars raid will take you to frontiers unimaginable, further than mankind has ever been before! This new installment in the Warface story introduces lots of new gameplay features, including low-gravity environments and combat, dangerous new enemies, and a metal suit to help you adapt and survive to life on Mars. Fight together with your team, and arm yourself with a devastating arsenal of weapons to help wipe Blackwood off the face of this planet!


Players who enjoyed the recent introduction of Warface’s limited-time progression events can look forward to another opportunity to smash challenges and earn amazing equipment. Battle Pass: Season 3 is launching alongside the Mars update, and it’s packed with another round of season-exclusive weapons and gear!


If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, you can tackle daily and weekly missions to progress through a series of levels, earning rewards for every level reached. You can grab some awesome rewards for free all the way up to level 10, while purchasing the Battle Pass will unlock over 100 levels.


Dedicated players who reach level 100 can claim the AK Alpha, an incredibly powerful assault rifle that’s sure to leave a mark that enemies won’t soon forget. Set your crosshairs on the golden version if you’re looking for a fantastic reward worthy of a true challenge!

The film industry really doesn’t sleep on the opportunity to make money from real-life adaptations. News of Warface’s exploits on Mars have reached the golden hills, and a new PvP map is now also available: Hollywood! This map is a faithful recreation of the red planet, brought crashing down to Earth. Don’t look too closely, or you’ll spoil the movie-making magic!


Is there life on Mars? There’s about to be. Put on your spacesuit, and get ready to blast off. The Mars update is now available in Warface on Xbox One!

Warface is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store as a free-to-play title. The Mars update and Battle Pass: Season 3 will be available after your game has been updated to the latest version.

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