BREAKING: Gesaffelstein finally confirms new album, ‘Hyperion’

BREAKING: Gesaffelstein finally confirms new album, ‘Hyperion’Gesaffelstein Live Black White

Since Gesaffelstein erected billboards prefacing his return in late October, the dance music rumor mill has been abuzz with whispers regarding a sophomore album. Such hype was increased all the more when, shortly thereafter, the laconic artist signed onto Columbia Records.

The biggest news, of course, in Michel Lévy’s recent machinations was the release of “Reset” last week — his first single in years. Coming alongside a video, the eerie, broken-beat track all but confirmed the aforementioned LP rumors. After all, why would the covert Frenchman put so much effort into promoting a solitary song?

At long last, Gesaffelstein has confirmed that he does indeed have a new album on the way: Hyperion.

A mural stating “THIS IS THE COVER OF HYPERION, THE NEW ALBUM BY GESAFFELSTEIN” arose this week in Miami during their ongoing Art Basel festival. Emblazoned in a similar fashion to the famed billboards, the artwork for Hyperion is evocative of The Black Keys’ 2010 album, Brothers, which famously read, “This is an album by The Black Keys. The name of this album is Brothers.” Suffice it to say, Gesaffelstein doesn’t find himself in poor company with the self-evident album artwork.

No release date for Hyperion has been confirmed at press time, but at the moment, we can all take a moment to revel in finally being able to say with conviction, “Gesaffelstein has a new album on the way.”


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