5 Incredible Holiday Card Hacks

*We are proud to partner with Minted on this sponsored post. We have been using Minted for our holiday cards and gifts for years and know you’ll love them too!

There are so many special things about this time of year. From the moment we break out the bins of familiar Christmas decorations to waking up in the morning to the first snowfall—the holiday season is magical. There are gingerbread houses to decorate, snow angels to make, gifts to prepare, and one of my personal favorites…holiday cards to create and send to friends and loved ones.

Create beautiful and memorable holiday cards this year with these really cool hacks that will save you some much-needed time!

4 Holiday Card Hacks

1. Text Minted your photo.

This is pure genius. Minted has an amazing new styling service for FREE that will save you loads of time! I’m seriously so excited about this!

Text a photo to 415-915-CARD (2273) and Minted’s styling service will text you back FIVE holiday card designs, selected especially for and styled with your photo. You don’t even need to do anything!

Creating holiday cards doesn’t get easier than that.

Minted offers unique holiday cards from independent artists around the globe. Yes, real people like you and me create these styles! I love seeing what they come up with.

Minted delivers high quality with premium paper and printing techniques, including foil press and letterpress, across a variety of formats and shapes. New luxurious details include vellum overlays, all-script envelopes featuring stunning hand-styled fonts, and pre-lined envelopes.

These cards are lovely.

2. Get the family assembly line going.

I remember helping my mom carefully address Christmas card envelopes in my “best handwriting.” She’d let me use her special calligraphy pen and I would painstakingly draw out each letter to perfection. It was probably a little too slow for my mom, but I loved that she let me be a part of this tradition. She didn’t hurry me along or comment on any of my mistakes. We’d turn on Christmas music and we kids would help her stuff and lick envelopes.

You can make sweet memories with your own family by letting them help out as well—and it makes the job much easier! Put on some holiday music in the background and set up a family assembly line.

You can each have a job putting the cards in the envelopes, sealing them (see hack below!), addressing the envelopes, and placing the stamp.

Of course we allow for a few whoopsies.

We let each of our children think of some special people in their life to whom they’d like to give a card. They choose a card style (that’s why I usually create three different styles) and put a lot of thought and effort into packaging a card for their piano teacher, school teacher, speech therapist, or the neighbor lady who lets them walk her dog.

I think that’s why I love holiday cards so much; they allow us to think about all of the wonderful people in our lives. As we address their names on the front of the envelope, it conjures up memories and emotions that connect us as friends and family in this human experience.

3. Use a small sponge instead of licking.

Licking over fifty envelopes isn’t fun. Instead, cut a rectangle sponge into small squares, get them semi-wet (not soaking) and use that to seal your envelopes.

4. Have your envelopes  pre-addressed.

To save even more time, you can use The Minted Envelope, exclusively at Minted. Their artists have created beautifully styled envelopes to pair with your holiday cards. All you need to do is upload your address and Minted’s patented process takes care of the rest, for FREE.

5. Use custom stamps.

Finally, add that perfect finishing touch to your holiday cards with Custom Stamps. These are so adorable and easy to create. It’s a detail that not many think of, but it’s simple and possible with Minted’s custom postage stamps that will look amazing on your card. Imagine the smile on Grandma’s face when she opens up her mailbox to see one of these.

The best part is when cards start rolling into your mailbox. My kids rush out as soon as they hear the mail truck pull away. They can’t wait to see who’s sent us a card!

It’s just another part of the holiday card tradition that is so sweet. We love talking about our friends and family members, reminiscing about the past year and the times we’ve shared with them.

Don’t ever think that holiday cards go unnoticed. They are such an important part of our holiday traditions and if you haven’t made yours yet, check out Minted for gorgeous, unique cards at premium convenience.

Happy holidays to you and your sweet families!

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